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Private training sessions

Private training sessions are ideal for those people or dogs that cannot cope with class situations. Instead of sharing an instructor with 9 other people you get individual attention for the whole hour and concentrate on what you need. These can be at your home, at Baybrook or at a mutually convenient location. We can cover anything, the most common being walking to heel and recall training. The initial session will be 90 minutes to give us time to discuss your needs after which the sessions will be one hour. Where applicable handouts will be provided as a useful reminder. Phone and e-mail back up is always available. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Puppy Consult

Why not book a puppy consult. These last 90 minutes and are aimed at starting the training/ socialisation process pre-vaccination. They are held at your own home and we can cover toilet training, crate training, socialisation, play biting and all of the other issues that go with having a new puppy. This consult is accompanied with a helpful puppy pack.

Pre- puppy / rescue dog consult

Why not get prepared properly before your puppy / dog arrives? Again this is 90 minutes for you to ask advice on just about anything that concerns you: which breed, where to get your puppy from, what equipment to buy and what to expect. Having a new puppy can be an exciting but exhausting experience, let us help you make it as stress free as possible advice will always be available as it is much better to get the right dog for you than call me in later on to sort out problems. We can even come on visits to the breeders/rescue centre with you to give impartial and unemotional advice as to which animal should suit your particular situation and to ask questions you may not think of. This can be particularly useful if you have children as it can be heart breaking to realise you have selected the wrong dog and have to return it.